About Mike

I take a camera wherever I go.

I started shooting in 1983 when my parents gave me a Minolta XG-M along with some of my grandfather's Minolta MC lenses for my birthday. I took it with me to every concert I went to (which was often!) and quickly caught the eye of Relix Magazine as well as John Cipollina's manager. I was soon on my way to free shows, the photographers' pit, meeting some of my musical idols and even a (tiny) little bit of cash!

I spent lots of time shooting, developing and printing (at the Harvey Milk Photo Center in San Francisco).

I lost interest at some point along the way (caused in part by what I saw as Minolta's decision to obsolete all my lenses!) but then got so frustrated in 2011 when my Panasonic point-n-shoot demonstrated its profound inadequacy to shoot an important show at a nightclub in San Francisco:

Gary Lucas

I did some research and decided on the Pentax universe. I've been acquiring M42 and K-mount - and other - cameras and lenses ever since (along with picking up the incredible Sony DSC-RX100ii), and getting back to what I once loved and again love: photography.

People doing what they do best - as well as just what they do - is what intrigues me. That leads me to what is now called "street photography", music photography and - since I live in San Francisco - event photography, where there are events nearly every week that are worthy photographic targets.

Give me a shout; let me know what you think. I can be available for music and event shooting. If you see a photo you would like to buy, just let me know; nearly any photo you see here (or on my Flickr account) can be provided or licensed in any size/media/etc. And if you need a photographer for something, I can point you at people in the San Francisco Bay Area (and possibly elsewhere) who will amaze you with their portrait, food, landscape, architecture, wedding and other photography skills.